Hiking and Yoga Retreat


Mary – Svitlana – Oleksandra

29 May – 5 June


Tenerife is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean.

A place with unique nature, green forests and steep trails of Anaga Park, majestic rocks form bays that  hide deserted black beaches, lava fields similar to Martian landscapes and the ocean.

This trip will suit you

Everyone will find something for themselves here! This is one of the best places  to really cool off and recharge with new experiences. There are simply many fascinating trekking routes on the island.

And it seems to be created  for physical and meditative practices, because the volcano in the center of the island permeates everything around with its power. In such places, practice differs in its depth, and changes in consciousness occur very quickly. Do not delay and book a place on the trip right now.

The program

Day 1

Arrival on the island. We are meeting at the airport.

We settle here and arrange it circle-acquaintance.

Day 2

8.00-10.00 Morning practice. (asanas, Shavasana) The purpose of practice on this day is to give rest body and stabilize the mind after the flight. Then we have breakfast, take lunch with us and go swim in the sea,

17.00-19.00 neurographics, we will form retreat request.


On this day, we have planned the first  trekking, so we wake up early in order to have everything in time distance 15 km, time approximately 6 hours, height difference 1200 m (this track will be an excellent preparation for climbing the volcano)

7.30 departure to the start of trekking to the east of the island (we will spend about 2 hours on the way, during which we will have the opportunity to admire the beauty around us, because our path will run along the coast)

9.30 start of trekking. We will explore the fairy-tale forest and strange rocks of Anaga Park, and also swim in the ocean on remote black beaches.

20.00 return to the hacienda

Before going to sleep, we will relieve fatigue after the hike by practicing long Shavasana.

​21.00 Yoga Nidra to the sounds of singing bowls – 40 minutes


9.00-11.00 yoga practice (asanas, pranayama, Shavasana)

Next is a free day – we go swimming at the beach.



This day is special! After all, tonight we are waiting for a night crossing to the top of the highest peak in Spain.

Therefore, let’s start the morning with yoga to charge for success

9.00-11.00 yoga practice (asanas, Shavasanas, pranayama) After yoga, we will have free time, we will rest all day and prepare for the main adventure of our trip – climbing the Teide volcano.

At approximately 19.00 we drive to Teide National Park.

Before starting the climb, we will conduct a meditation in a place of strength. And then we have a path ahead of us along the night paths to the top.

This is the most difficult and at the same time the most exciting part of our journey.

We will cover 10.5 km and gain 1500 meters of altitude. Estimated running time is 5 hours.


We will meet the dawn at the top. Just imagine how beautiful it is, the sunrise on the top of an ancient volcano, and a 360-degree panorama around. The photos will be simply bombastic.

And then a descent through the ancient volcano Pico Viejo (3134 m) awaits us. Today we will cover 8 km, descend 1000 meters, the way down will take approximately 4 hours.

Here we are at the bottom, then it remains to satisfy hunger in one of the restaurants, and you can return to our hacienda and rest.


8.00-10.00 yoga practice. Then – free time. If there are people willing, we will go down a small track not far from our accommodation, or we will visit the famous Mask gorge.

​15.00-19.00 master class, creating a mandala amulet.


On this day, we say goodbye to the island and, filled with impressions and rested, go home.


€ 1.350,- based on a shared room (2p.)

What’s Included in the price

  • 8 days of living in a retreat center where it will be just us
  • 3 times healthy plant-based food
  • escort of the organizers throughout the trip
  • own car for 8 days, fuel costs
  • climbing the volcano Pico del Teide
  • yoga lessons
  • a master class on weaving a mandala
  • master class in neurography
  • Maximum support at all stages and assistance in all matters related to the trip

Additional costs

  • your flight to Airport Reina Sofia Sur
  • personal expenses
  • insurance


Let us introduce

Svitlana Chernysheva

yoga teacher & mountain guide

I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for 9 years, teaching for 7 years. For me, yoga is about balance, about harmony with myself and the world, and my students are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Mountains have been my passion since childhood, it was there that I learned to know my limits, because mountains test my strength and encourage me to grow beyond myself.

And this is incredible beauty, which I love to share.

Oleksandra Boyarchuk

My passion is traveling. I love to make dream catchers and mandalas.

In my daily life I organizing and teaching art master classes specifically designed for children.

During this retreat a wil facilitator a master class that involves meditation and the creation of a mandala to help manifest your dreams.

Mary of Lipska

art therapist & mountain guide

I have been traveling for 15 years to Carpathians, Europe, Atlantic islands. Even for me Spain is another planet. One of my favorite aspects of traveling is observing the transformation of individuals during their journey.

I love seeing the changes in people in the neurographic process, free drawing, I worked as a therapist with children.

I will conduct neurographic practice with you.

How to book

If you’re interested in joining this retreat, please click the BOOK button to fill out a registration form. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the details. Thank you for considering our retreat!


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