Yoga & Dance Retreat


Sigga & Halla

4 December – 11 December 2021


It’s a women only retreat.
The classes work for all levels.

New practitioners as well as seasoned ones.

Halla and Sigga are Icelandic however the classes will be taught in English

Halla and Sigga invite you to an early December retreat in the beautiful mountains of Masca, Tenerife, where we will be surrounded by the soft, powerful energy of nature.



The week will be a great combination of yin and yang energy.

Of soft and dynamic yoga flow, dance, movement classes, moving meditations, yoga nidra and ceremonies and to top it all we will be nourished with yummy healthy vegan food.

But worry not, we are not here to have any restrictions or rules.

If you are longing for something less healthy there is a small town just five min walk away.


Sigga and Halla will dive deep into every part of the body, mind and spirit to make us feel awakened.
Each day a new theme, a new part of the body will be explored and woken up through soft movement classes, flowy yoga classes and other external elements for the sences like cacao ceremonies, sound healing etc.

We will go bottom up.

Starting by waking up the feets to feel well grounded again.

Moving up the body and into the more spiritual part of the body, the aura.

The days will be constructed of three classes a day – yoga, dance, movement, guided relaxation, ceremonies etc.

In between you will have plenty of “me” time or “we” time by the pool, in the hammock reading or relaxing, having coffee in town or taking a hike in the beautiful mountains around us.


Morning movement:

We wake up and get blood moving through soft movement designed to open up the body. Special focus on hips and shoulders where we tend to keep our tension.


The music and intention of the day will lead the dance classes. Focus is on rhythm and the way in which we move. The classes are guided but with space for freedom.


One of the more healing practices for the nervous system is to shake the body. Releases blockages, helps with trauma and anxiety. Sometimes you just need to shake it off. In these classes you will be given tools and methods to just shake it.

Yoga flow:

Slow flowy but at the same time dynamic classes.

Yoga Nidra:

Guided relaxing meditation, where you surround yourself completely to deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a very powerful way to get into a deep relaxing meditative state. In that state your body can start it’s own healing.


We will do 11 minute meditation each day to create a new habit.
By meditating for 11 minutes a day you begin to change the nerves and the glandular system


a combination of dance, shaking, yoga flow and yoga nidra


Sigga and Halla have been fusing together yoga, movement and meditation for the past couple of years to create fun dynamic but also relaxing classes.

They are great friends, Yin & Yang girls who balance each other out.

Sigga has been moving from birth. Her main focus is sensual and mindful movement. She believes in letting the music lead the flow. She mixes together African, South American, hiphop, r&b, voguing, ballet and contemporary practices.

Like Gloria Esteban she believes that the rhythm is gonna get you.

Halla is a yoga teacher and has finished three different yoga teacher training – kundalini yoga, vinyasa yoga and level 1 and 2 of yoga nidra. For the past 4 years she has mainly been focusing on creating soft but dynamic vinyasa flow classes.
Halla devotes her time between teaching, exploring yoga through her own practice, working in water as an aquatic body healer and creative work of a designer.

Daily schedule:

07:45 Tea and a bite

08:15 Class

09:45 Breakfast

11:00 Free Time

13:30 Lunch

Free time

16:30 Class

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Soft Yoga / Yoga Nidra / ceremonies

22:00 Silence and rest


Shared room Euro 988,-

Private room Euro 1.522,-


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