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Day Christensen

16 October – 21 October


Rooted in Ashtanga – Raised in Experience – Ripened in Education

Day1Yoga Method

Join Day Christensen, creator of the DAY1YOGA Method at Mandala de Masca in Tenerife for a beautiful Yoga retreat week.

Start your days with a morning practice taught within the same framework as the traditional Mysore style, meaning that there will be one on one instruction and guidance, but without the strict, dogmatic adherence to the Ashtanga sequencing, but rather a practice that utilizes postural assessments and accommodates to each individual student’s particular set of needs, injuries, and biases.

​The Method

Taking away the hierarchy of postures, series, and practitioners, and the looming threat of injury and pain due to repetitive movement and postural exaggeration.

The DAY1YOGA Method is taught within the same framework as the traditional Mysore style.

That means that there is one on one instruction and guidance, minus the strict, dogmatic adherence to the Ashtanga sequencing, but rather a practice that utilizes postural assessments and accommodates to each individual student’s particular set of needs, injuries, and biases.

Considerations and teaching will include

  • overviews for understanding why postural assessment is so vital for a healthy, safe and enduring yoga practice
  • anatomical explanations on functional movement within the yoga practice
  • therapeutic sequences for both mobility and strength
  • and of course the opportunity to forge new friendships or deepen old one

Workshop 1

Functional Movement Intro

This workshop will provide insight into understanding how the body moves, works, functions both for and against us.

With anatomic explanations that are interesting and accessible for the layman, information will be given as to why certain muscles in your body are very “tight” that you can “barely reach your toes” and why some muscles are super weak, causing exclamations like, “I used muscles that I never knew I had!”

We will discuss the three different types of muscle contractions and how you can use that information to strength train effectively even in your weakest weak spots. Lastly we will go over the most common postural problems, how to identify them within yourself and others, and the best ways to address those issues in yoga and in life.


Workshop 2

Applied Functional Movement in Yoga

With a fundamental understanding of functional movement under your belt, this workshop will address the ways yoga, if used correctly, can rehabilitate, neutralize, and heal a weathered body, and if used haphazardly can exacerbate problems you didn’t even realize you had until you started yoga.

This workshop will emphasize the movements of the hip and how the body learns to “compensate” for weakness and exacerbate tightness. We will use the lens of various yoga asanas throughout the standing and seated sequences to finally understand how yoga can and should be a healing modality.

Evening practices

  • Strength and Stability Training
  • Therapeutic Stretch  Sequence for PPT
  • Therapeutic Stretch Sequence for APT

What is included

  • Daily morning Mysore style Yoga, evening practice and two workshops led by Day Christensen
  • 3 Healthy meals a day & delicious homemade drinks
  • 5 nights of accommodation in a beautiful room with its own separate bathroom
  • 6 days at Mandala de Masca enjoying all the facilities and services
  • Meditation at the highest mountain of Spain, Pico del Teide
  • Swim in the ocean & a delicious PicNic at Hippy beach
  • Beautiful guided Hike in Teno National Park
  • Airport transfer from and to the Tenerife South Airport (based on a shared ride)


€ 1.099,- based on a shared room with single beds (max. 3 p) with private bathroom

€ 1.299,- based on a shared room with single beds (max. 2 p) with private bathroom

€ 1.649,- based on a private room with private bathroom

*All proceeds of this retreat directly supports the work of the non-profit Foundation Yogini rosa


About Day Christensen

Drawn to the elusive peacefulness and glow that so many yoga practitioners seemed to have, while connecting with yogic philosophy, Day  took up the practice of yoga in 2004.

Starting out, she took classes that fit her schedule, but quickly became drawn to the Mysore style practice of Ashtanga yoga, where students were taught in a relatively silent room with one on one instruction.

There, in this environment, she recognized that the student’s potential for growth super-ceeded what she had experienced in other styles of yoga that utilized the more typical “guided” method of teaching.

It was then that she began to schedule around her yoga practice, and her life of late nights and unhealthy habits did a 180. After immersing herself in Ashtanga and the Mysore method, taking trips to Mysore, India to study where the practice was born within the lineage of those who created it, on her third trip to India, Day was given the blessing to teach as an Authorized Level 2 teacher.

However, shortly after that time, suffering from persistent back pain, Day found that the system with its hierarchy of postures and repetitive movements could actually be more harmful than helpful. Through the process and years of learning to heal and recover from back pain, Day finally was able to break free of the cookie cutter method of giving all students the same sequences of postures meant to be learned and repeated 6 days a week, sometimes for years and years on end with no variation in asanas or movement patterns.

With this new perspective due to her own pain caused by repetitive movement, she recognized that the system of learning yoga asanas can be improved: groups of asanas should be given according to each student’s current and developing postural needs. “The how” being the Mysore Method of one on one instruction where each person in the room is able to work according to their own needs, ability, and pace, was and is the most effective way to learn and grow. But “the what” of specific series and order of postures MUST be re-assessed.

Thus, The DAY1YOGA Method was born: A tailored and customizable practice, minus posture- or series-hierarchy, (zero delineation between “advanced” and “beginner” students), just students, people with issues, all there for the healing and strengthening modality that yoga should be.




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